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  • Peter Delahenty has been a professional artist since 1978.

  • born in 1952 in Melbourne Australia

  • was inspired to be an artist after being lost in the wilderness.

  • has been an active politician on a conservation platform.

  • His work is represented in private collections worldwide.

  • owns and operates the studio/gallery exhibiting his work exclusively.

  • opened the studio in 1991 in the  popular tourist town of Olinda

  • has experience in many materials and techniques including ceramics.

  • worked exclusively as a ceramic sculptor during the 80's an 90's.

  • exported large volumes of his ceramic sculptures to Waccamaw Pottery USA

  • designed successful commercial products

  • designed the popular chocolate Easter Bilby 

  • teaches both beginners and advanced  artists.

  • paints most days.

  • favourite paint is Oil but uses Acrylic and Watercolour occasionally.

  • expert in CorelDraw, Corel Painter and Procreate on IPad

  • uses Wacom pressure sensitive pens on PC and Ipad for his digital art.

  • loves crochet, cooking, photography and writing..... and talking


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