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I am first and foremost a painter.  Many paintings are of the area in which I live. It is one of the most scenically magnificent places on the planet with a magical atmosphere. Anyone who enjoys the imagery of Lord of the Rings will fully appreciate the lush fern forests, giant Ent-like trees and mountain streams in the area. Every weekend tens of thousands of visitors come to the hills to immerse in this beautiful scenery so close to the World's most liveable city of Melbourne. 


I have extensively travelled throughout the Australian outback for much of my life. I have a huge library of photographs taken on my travels. These form the resource I draw on for my paintings. Although most times, I need only step outside the front door into a wonderland of spectacular beauty.


My skill as a landscape painter who truly loves nature comes across in every painting. Some works are massive 2.5 meters long, others are miniature. There is a common thread of my connection to this environment in all.


The quality of my work comes from a full-time career as a visual artist for over 40 years. Many visitors to my gallery are awestruck by the majesty of the work. The warmth of emotional attachment to the subject seems to be embodied within the painting. There is a lifetime of love of The Dandenong Ranges here and it permeates the whole studio.


Each painting is highly detailed with a textured appearance of reality. The fine dabs and deft use of brush is only apparent when you look closely. At a distance the paintings look like a real view through a window.  The colour is beautiful and vibrant. A colour that is only possible through the use of real artists colours and a true artist's colour skill.


 So why not visit my studio, see the work and meet me. I am cheerful man who loves to have visitors and talk about art (or anything for that matter).


There are many exquisite paintings for sale. They will take pride of place anywhere they are hung and bring a feeling of serenity and beauty to your home. As time goes by, they will grow ever more valuable for your family as both an heirloom and hopefully as an art investment. 

                                                                  Peter Delahenty

Peter Delahenty Art Studio

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